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Planning Council

The Planning Council is responsible for establishing a coordinated Platform Release Plan that supports the Roadmap, and balances the many competing requirements. The Platform Release Plan describes the themes and priorities that focus these Releases, and orchestrates the dependencies among Project Plans.

Mikaël BarberoEclipse FoundationAppointed
Melanie BatsOBEOStrategic Developer
Wayne BeatonEclipse FoundationAppointed
Nitin DahyabhaiWebtools PMC
Leif GeigerYatta Solutions GmbHStrategic Developer
Jonah Graham*Kichwa Coders Canada Inc.Appointed
Neil HaugeOracleStrategic Developer
Markus KnauerEclipseSourceAppointed
Alexander KurtakovEclipse PMC
Martin LippertECD PMC
Heiko KlareVector Informatik GmbHStrategic Developer
Ed MerksModeling PMC
Adrian MosSoa PMC
Sebastian RatzSAP SEStrategic Developer
Gunnar WagenknechtTechnology PMC
Thomas WatsonIBMStrategic Developer
William RileyRenesasStrategic Developer
Titouan VervackSigasiStrategic Developer

* chair

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