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Helping to Assure the Future of the Eclipse IDE

The IDE Working Group has funds available to developers to resolve top technical priorities, identified by the Planning Council.


At the Eclipse Foundation, open source projects progress using developers who are employed by members, self-employed, or volunteers. The Eclipse IDE working group was formed to ensure the continued sustainability, integrity, evolution, and adoption of the Eclipse IDE & RCP suite of products and related technologies.

Since it was formed in June of 2021 the working group has been sponsoring the release engineering, development of key features and fixes that everyone benefits from. Indeed, one of the main reasons for forming an industry collaboration in support of the Eclipse IDE was to address ’the tragedy of the commons’, and to secure funding for and to engage directly with developers who are capable of fixing known common problems. The way it works is the Planning Council identifies the top technical priorities to the Steering Committee and then the Eclipse Foundation locates an individual(s) to perform the development work arranging a required services agreement.

Guiding Principles

We follow the Guidelines for Management of Working Group Funded Development Efforts and Initiatives.

Committed Funds

Total working group funds committed to date:

YearFunding Effort

We are actively recruiting new members and sponsors to the working group: we need your help to further strengthen these investments!

Follow Our Progress

The IDE Working Group Development of the Commons GitLab Group is where detailed information about the efforts realized to date and those which are in progress and/or planned. The top issues are tracked on a GitLab Board.

Get Involved

Are you a developer that is interested in entering into a service agreement to take on one of the Planning Council’s top technical priorities? If this appeals to you, please contact

Join or sponsor the Eclipse IDE working group, learn more about our members and corporate sponsors. Or you can contribute funds personally to support the work being done by this initiative.

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